Decide How to Collect & Store Your Data

Test Your Data Collection Tool

After you’ve created the data collection form, consider asking a variety of people to fill it out and give feedback on their experience. This step will help you discover any problems or changes you need to make to your registry before it is widely distributed.

  • Find participants to pre-test the form who represent a range of experiences/backgrounds.
  • Provide instructions and a due date to complete the form.
  • If your intent is for the form to be accessible from a mobile device, ask the testers to try to access it from both their mobile device and their computer.
  • Follow up with testers and have them respond to a series of predetermined questions, such as:
    • What is your impression of the form?
    • Was the form easy to use?
    • How long did it take you to complete the form?
    • Did you have difficulty answering any of the questions?
    • Are any of the questions confusing?
    • Were there any questions you were expecting to see but did not?
  • Collect the responses to your pre-launch test and adjust the form as needed.